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Give your business the legacy it deserves

De La Rue

Give your business the legacy it deserves

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Selling your Business?
Transition Seamlessly With De La Rue

We Have the Expertise to Continue Your Businesses Success

Stepping down from running your business and into retirement is hard enough. Let us make your transition seamless and continue your legacy well into the future.

We Buy Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Have you run a small to medium-sized business until your retirement? We believe you’re the heart of America and want to see your business continue on keeping your legacy alive.

A Professional Approach

At De la Rue, we understand that selling a business can be an emotional repeats process. It can also be a difficult one, with over 90% of businesses for sale in the US failing to sell.
That is why we take a professional and compassionate approach to help you transition seamlessly from
selling the business to enjoying your retirement. You’ve worked hard growing your business from the
ground up, and it deserves to continue growing and succeeding.
Our team of experts will work with you from start to finish to ensure that you get the best deal and are
completely satisfied with the outcome.

Continuing your legacy

Here at De la Rue, we believe in preserving the legacy of the founder who is selling their business. For most, their business is a culmination of their life’s work, and it  deserves to be treated with the utmost respect-not just quick cash.
We will work with you to continue operations and help preserve your legacy. We ensure your business will be run professionally, and will have access to every resource needed for it to grow bigger and better than ever.

You and your satisfaction are our priority
– if you’re happy, we’re happy.

Comprehensive Support

Our team of business experts can provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process of selling a business. We’re transparent about our entire process, and our intentions moving forward.

Our goal is for you to be in the loop as if you were a buyer. As fellow business owners, we understand the passion and investment you have put into your business. We treat every one of our clients like we’d like to be treated in the same position.

We have a varied team of business experts, ranging from all aspects of business management. This allows our unrivaled expertise to run any business the right way  -ensuring long -term success.

When you choose De La Rue for your business sale, you’re choosing right.

Frequently Asked Question

We provide comprehensive services for all types of businesses, from small family -owned operations to big multi -million dollar conglomerates.

The time frame varies depending on the size and complexity of the business. However, we strive to complete each sale as quickly and efficiently as possible, typically between 30-90 days from the letter of intent.

We have a global presence and can work with clients across any region or country. Our team of experts is accustomed to working in different markets and cultures. No matter where your business is
located, we’re ready to help.

Our goal is to run the business for the foreseeable future. If we have agreed to purchase your business it’s because we see the potential from all your hard work and want to continue it long into the future. We don’t buy your business for just a quick flip. We want to see it succeed.

We don’t require any collateral, no matter what the size of the business. Our team provides comprehensive evaluations to ensure that every purchase is a good investment for both parties.



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